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Hi, my name is Joe and I’m a recent advocate addition. I joined Jazzro because I was impressed with all the different ways I could easily stay in contact with my clients. I don’t have to sign up for multiple marketing websites,

I can do everything for a marketing campaign on Jazzro.

I love the contact organizational tools – just drag and drop a contact into a category – it’s so easy! I use the postcard option a lot to send out notices about upcoming sales and coupons. In texts and emails I usually include a promo code they can use and I can track when these codes get used to know how well my campaign did with customers. I then plan my next marketing strategy based on customer response.

I would love to talk to you about Jazzro if you are interested in becoming an advocate! I sign people up, you sign people up and we all benefit! It’s a great way to network and earn some extra cash. Once you use Jazzro you’ll want to tell everyone you meet about it and your advocate tree will grow rapidly.

Call me and we’ll talk! 502-123-4589

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